Volume Calculations & Site Design

Accurate volume calculation are essential for a clientís profitability... can you afford not to use us ?

Just because someone has the software to calculate a volume it doesnít mean they know how to use it properly. We have been doing this for many years and understand exactly what is required, having developed our own techniques for certain applications which have a high factor of self checking built in. We donít just accept the first number the computer spits out, this is why our customers come back to us time and time again.

Together with a full and proper explanation of the calculation and any assumptions which have been made, we usually provide a drawing showing whatís been calculated so that there is no confusion at a later date.

Long term site operations require accurate planning of material requirements and movement, double handling of materials is not cost effective and is best avoided. We have produced many long term phasing plans, these include landfill and quarry projects where the availability of materials for restoration and engineering, together with void availability and preparation, are key to the success of a site. Similarly we have planned opencast sites where there is a need to stock overburden until sufficient coal is removed before overburden can be used for backfill. The planning of this stocking is crucial to a siteís success as the double handling element can run into hundreds of thousands of metres cubed.

Other applications include landfill cell design, lagoons, haul roads and golf courses.

From our design drawings we regularly go on to prepare CAD drawings which will include layout designs and standard details of lining and drainage systems and construction details for inclusion in CQA plans, tenders, presentations etc.


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